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MAC-1 Forms

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To start the MAC-1 application process download the following documents:

MAC-1 Excel Form MAC-1 Form Example


MAC-1 Instructions

The MAC-1 form is only to be used for projects greater than $5,000.

Step 1: Download the 'MAC-1 Excel Form'.

Step 2: Complete the MAC-1 form by:

    A. Providing a description of the project scope in Section 1: Description, Justification and Scope of Project;
    B. Providing an account number that will fund the project in Section 4: Requested Allocations;
    C. Obtain appropriate signatures from Business Officer, Dean or Vice President; and
    D. Complete Section 5 accordingly.

Step 3: Scan completed MAC-1 form and save to computer.

Step 4: Submit completed MAC-1 form to Mark Cervenka (HSC Facilities Manager) at cervenka@tamhsc.edu. Please reference your Facilities Work Request number when submitting the MAC-1 form.

Note: If you have not already completed a Facilities Work Request for this work to be performed, please do so by following this link - http://www.tamhsc.edu/fms/. Once submitted, use your Work Request number as a reference when submitting MAC-1 form.

For questions, please call (979) 436-0545.